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PostSubject: Addon Description   Addon Description Icon_minitimeThu Aug 23, 2007 8:59 pm

If you need to descript an addon send me the name of it Wink

Here are most popular in the web

Large addon for showing maps Smile you can alsoo add Atlas Flight paths, Atlas quest and Atlas loot for more Smile Now you will know what you can bet from the boos or moob in game before going into instances. Alts quest will tell you how to proceed with quest and atlas instance will show you Instance map with numbers for certain mini orr large boss
If you played shogo you already know what it is , soem bars on left and right side of the screen tha tshows your or target HP , if you have instaled OmniCal
You`ll be able to see cooldown for everything , spells ,objects ,proffesions Smile
Tinyminibar(TITAN ADDON)
A sort of Addons for advance gamplay for advanced users, this bar will show you
Latency,gold ,item bonuses ,mount status and almost all game information

A set of small addons to improve game playe Smile ask me in game cuz I forgot what tha taddon does ;p but this is great Smile I think this is for 3d portraits or Xperl is for that Xd be sure to have those 2
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Addon Description
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